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Defeat Tord and his robot

Vs Tord - Friday Night Funkin' Mod is a free video game utility wherein you get to challenge a webtoon character in the popular music game, Friday Night Funkin'. Developed by bbpanzu, this mod features an antagonist character from the comedy web series, Eddsworld, and adds two new songs for you to master.

Unlike most character mods, though—like V.S. Tabi and Hatsune Miku—there’s no story here. You just immediately start the battle against the new enemy and there are no cutscenes to explain his connection to the canon story. This wasn’t fixed in the remastered version either.

No need to question it

Friday Night Funkin' is a 2020 free open-source rhythm game developed by ninjamuffin99 for Ludum Dare 47. The game has you fending off obstacles to your date with the power of rap battles. Thus, you need to hit as many of the arrows as possible to achieve a high score—or just simply survive until the end of the round. Due to the game’s open-source code, numerous mods were made for it.

One of these is Vs Tord, which introduces the character Tord from Eddsworld as a new opponent for Boyfriend. In the webtoon, he was originally a part of the main cast but returned as an antagonist in the later arcs. Here, he comes with two new songs, as well as a second form that relates to his character. However, there’s absolutely no explanation for his appearance in FNF.

The mod’s developer had made this for about 5 hours to celebrate Eddsworld Day so there’s not much content available. Even the remastered version created by Jason The Art Kid did not add any storyline or cutscene to justify Tord’s existence in the game’s lore. The songs are still challenging, however—with the second one being one of the fastest songs compared to other mods.

Can still improve

All in all, Vs Tord - Friday Night Funkin' Mod is a great little mod if you’re a fan of the game and also a fan of Eddsworld. While there’s no lore to tie things up nicely just like other mods, the character designs and songs themselves make this a solid mod worth a try once you’re tired of the vanilla game. There’s still a lot of potential for this mod, though.


  • A new enemy to fight
  • Two new songs
  • Challenging gameplay


  • No lore explanation or cutscenes

Program available in other languages

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